Waste Matters (Ireland) Ltd.

Waste Matters (Ireland) Ltd is based in Clara, Co.Offaly and are the leading polystyrene recycling solution provider in Ireland providing full service waste and recycling solutions for expanded polystyrene (EPS / Styrofoam). 

Polystyrene has a high volume/low weight ratio, so even a small quantity can take up valuable space in landfill. Waste Matters can process large volumes of polystyrene efficiently. After shredding, the material is transferred to an extractor which compresses the polystyrene, generating a solid mass, compressed down to 1/90 of it's original size. The end product is then re-used as a raw material manufacturing.

Waste Matters offers a number of options you can choose from depending on volume of Polystyrene.

Waste Matters have developed a range of Expanded Polystyrene Compactors which are robust, reliable and the most effective machines on the market and our polystyrene recycling solutions are the most cost effective process for managing your polystyrene resource.


Waste Matters (Ireland) Ltd Collection Permit Number = NWCPO-13-11271-02

Waste Matters (Ireland) Ltd Waste Facility Permit Number = WFP-OY-19-0203-01

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