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Self Service Waste Compactor

Pay To Use System

Forecourts and convenient stores are already paying to have their waste removed. Waste Matters introduces an opportunity by turning this cost into a profit by offering their customers access to a self service waste compactor.

How it works: Customers purchase a token from the shop which gives access to place their bag of waste in the easy to use compactor. The controls are simple and contained within a secure, lockable vandal proof cabinet.

Powerful hydraulic rams force the refuge into the container section where heavy duty rubber seals and continuous seam welded joints ensure all waste, including liquids, are trapped guaranteeing no leaks or odours.

Additional access via a lockable side safety door allows for the disposal of own waste. This will illuminate the need for unsightly open top bins which draw unwelcome pests and bad odours.

The Portable Compactor is ideal where space is limited, requiring no more than the equivalent of a car space. With a compact ratio of 5:1 the compactor can dispose of large amounts of waste in an environmentally friendly and cost effective manner.

This portable unit is easy to install – just plug into a 3-phase power supply and switch on. When full (light indicator for 75% capacity and when full) the unit can be removed and emptied by a standard skip truck. Standard capacity unit of 10cu. yds, but also available up to 30cu. yds. Compactor is manufactured to customer's specific specifications and finished in colour that matches the site location.

Waste Matters can help with initial promotion to ensure a maximum exposure within the local catchment area. This is an ideal product to offer "bundling" of customer incentives with other products on site. This is a welcome facility for numerous of householders and businesses that need to dispose of bags of waste. With civic amenity areas accepting dry recyclables but not waste and local landfills expensive and always in inconvenient far off locations, the provision of such a facility brings new customers and more activity onto the site.

This concept has a proven track record and investment can be paid back in as little as 9 months. There is a wide variety of purchase options that Waste Matters is happy to discuss specific to customers own requirements. With over 20 years experience in the waste industry Waste Matters is well placed to be of service to their customers.

Additional Information

Machine holds 400 bags (Approx) of waste. Suggested cost of €5 per large bag = €2,000 revenue.
• Token is purchased and the user then can access the machine to safely and conveniently dispose of their waste.
• Available with either token or coin slots.
• Locable side safety door allows for disposal of own site waste.
• Fully sealed unit – no smells or discharge.
• Suitable for all domestic waste.
• Easy to use and operate.
• Automatic compaction set to number of openings.
• Indicator for when ¾ filled and when full.
• Available in RAL colours to suit your requirements.
• 3 phase power or single phase if no 3 phase available.
• Full service and maintenance support.
• Petrol Station Forecourts
• Convenient Stores
• Shopping Centres
• Caravan/ Holiday Sites
• Property Management Companies
• Apartment Blocks
• Waste Management Companies
• Local Authorities
• Civic Amenity Sites.