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Pay To Use

bannerPay To Use System

Forecourts and convenient stores are already paying to have their waste removed. Waste Matters introduces an opportunity by turning this cost into a profit by offering their customers access to a self service waste compactor. Read More

Recyclable Material

waste_matters_recycables_smallLet Us Purchase Your Recycables

Waste Matters Ltd. sources various recyclable materials from all industries for reprocessing facilities such as; Cardboard and paper, Soft and Hard Plastic. We collect from small amounts to full artic loads throughout Ireland. Read More

Polystyrene Recycling

styrofoam_recycled_bundleTotal Solutions For Polystyrene

Customers with their own blocking machine can avail of Waste Matters Service by stacking the blocks on a pallet and shrinking wrapping. We will collect on a regular basis depending on customers requirements. Read More