PRWM370 – Polystyrene Compacting Machine

Total Solutions For Polystyrene

Product Overview

  • Manufactured with heavy duty steel.
  • Twin screw pre-shredder allows for quicker feed and throughput.
  • Reverse mode on shredder and auger in case of foreign objects.
  • Automatic hydraulic densifier to form consistent block for outlet material.
  • Water cooled jacket on output to maintain consistent block and avoid overheating in compaction chamber.
  • Automatic block release with hydraulics from load sensing on motor to avoid blockage.
  • Automatic shut down when no material being fed into machine controlled by timer.
  • One year’s warrantee on component failure. Replacement parts supplied.


  1. Voltage (V/50Hz): 380
  2. Total power (KW): 14
  3. Overall size (mm): 4550mm*670mm*1960mm
  4. Input size (mm): 860mm*580mm
  5. Output size (mm): 370mm*370mm
  6. Output (Kg/h): 120~150
  7. Compression ratio: 40~50:1
  8. Weight (Kg): 1500