Static Compactor

Static Compactors

At Waste Matters

Waste Matters, Plus range of static waste compactors are ideal for disposing of large volumes of commercial and medium density industrial waste. The waste is compacted into a removable container, which is collected and empties on a suitable site.

Features; - Large Volume Compaction
- Choice Loading Options
- Custom Built Services
- Environmentally Friendly

Waste Matters compactors come with scissor-type or straight piston rams depending on the space available and the type of waste produced. With charge boxes ranging in size from 1.5 to 3.5 cubic yards the Eco-Plus range can cope with any size or shape of waste.

These units are simple to operate and controls are located in a secure lockable cabinet on the machine or remotely for chute and conveyor systems. as with the portable range the static compactors feature generous hydraulic components capable of compacting waste to a fraction thus insuring maximum savings on waste disposal

Waste Matters have designed this range of static compactors for maximum versatility, machines can be loaded manually via safety hopper, doors or chute, mechanically via conveyor belt, fork tip skip, or automatic bin liftr. All Waste Matters compactors can be supplied with hydraulic bin lifts and will suit all sorts and sizes of Euro Wheelie Bins. Each machine is delivered and installed by our professional engineers, leaving you with the simple task of switching it on.