Mobile Compactor

Mobile Compactors

A Waste Matters Product

Save portable waste compactor is a totally self-contained waste compaction unit with a compaction mechanism built into the body of a steel refuge container.


- Odour and leak free
- Highly Versatile and Cost Effective
- Easy to use
- Environmentally Friendly.

Powerful hydraulic rams force the refuge into the container section where heavy duty rubber seals and continuous seam welded joints ensure all waste, including liquids, are trapped guaranteeing no leaks or odours. Tapered corners and rounded doors eliminate dirt traps and ensure dense compaction.

The Eco-Save is ideal where space is limited requiring no more space than an average car. Easy to install - just plug into a 3-phase power supply and switch on. The controls are simple, and contained within a secure, lockable, vandal-proof cabinet. When full the unit can be removed and emptied by a standard skip or hook lorry.

With low level access via a spring-loaded, rubber sealed, lockable aluminium lid or with side safety door option, it can be loaded by hand or by an automatic tipping device suitable for emptying wheeled Euro Bins (with capacities from 120 to 1100 litres).

Waste disposal bills can be reduced by up to 75% by these versatile machines. With a compaction ratio of 5:1 the Eco-Save can dispose of large amounts of waste in an environmentally and cost effective manner.

It is particularly suitable for commercial and food waste generated by office blocks, catering establishments, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, and retail outlets.

All NuMac's Compactors can be supplied with hydraulic bin lifts and will suit all sorts and sizes of Euro Wheelie Bins.